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Xyten products are the result of extensive research and trialing by our technicians who are committed to guarding nature and promoting a greener world.

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Xyten products are unique and proven formulations that are not easily replicated, providing a much more concentrated, cost-effective formulation than alternative products. Xyten produces optimum growth by enhancing the chemical structure of the plant, yet does so in a way that is completely safe.

Xyten relies on innovative technology that has been tested and proven in many different applications so that no matter whether you are a commercial grower or a home gardener, you will find that our products set us apart..

Xyten obtains top quality materials from around the world to bring you these advantages, yet the end product comes with the peace of mind of knowing that is subject to our own local agricultural and farming regulations.
Whether you grow plants commercially or for pleasure, Xyten understands that you are aiming for the best result possible.  We share the same high ideals in our business, and for us, our best result is when you are thrilled with your crop.